Beyond skincare

Nature's Secret Unveiled in Brač Island Skincare

In touch with nature

Our products go beyond mere skincare; they serve as a homage to the magnificent beauty of Brač Island, captured to enrich your wellbeing. We source certified extracts from the indigenous plants that thrive on Brač island, celebrating their natural potency. From the lush greenery of spring to the scorching summers that dry out the land, our products encapsulate the transformative journey of nature's adaptation in the face of adversity.

What makes us so special?

What sets Fieldgood apart is our dedication to prioritizing quality over quantity. Our products are crafted through manual work, and production is limited to small batches. This hands-on approach enables us to uphold the highest standards of quality and ensure that each product receives the individualized attention it deserves. We firmly believe that this personal touch is essential in creating skincare that caters to your unique needs and enhances your natural beauty.

  • 100% certified natural and organic raw materials

  • dermatologically tested

  • not tested on animals

  • small batch production

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10% OFF your first order
10% OFF your first order

Skin harmony in every bottle

Five distinct face care formulas infused with potent plant extracts, each harmonizing flawlessly with your skin's unique needs. Elevate your skincare routine with nature's finest, revealing your skin's inherent radiance.


The Ultimate Relief

When the integrity of your skin's natural barrier is compromised, it can give rise to discomfort, including itching, redness, and even pain. "Derma Repair" cream is specially designed to provide relief for sensitive and distressed skin. With the powerful action of cotton thistle extract, it works wonders in soothing and restoring your skin's resilience. It helps repair the damaged structure, promoting healthy skin function while defending against external stressors. The carefully crafted formula excludes any potential irritants, making it gentle yet highly effective for even the most sensitive skin.



Reveal Youthful Radiance and Defy Aging

Feel an exquisite sense of delight as the lightweight texture of our age-defying formula effortlessly glides onto your skin, releasing a delicate fragrance inspired by the timeless beauty of immortelle, lavender, and labdanum. Rapidly absorbing, it melts away stress and fatigue, leaving your skin luxuriously soft, deeply nourished, and rejuvenated.



Restore and Protect Care

Say goodbye to post-shave irritation and hello to RPC MEN - the regenerative facial cream that means business. Crafted with a potent formula, it provides a strong protective effect, keeping your skin healthy, resilient, and ready for your busy lifestyle. With a captivating blend of bergamot, frankincense, and rosemary notes, each application becomes an invigorating and pleasurable moment, adding a touch of masculine allure.



Nourishing Elixir with Powerful Anti-Pigmentation Benefits and a Luxuriously Protective Texture

Infused with nourishing oils it deeply hydrates and rejuvenates mature and demanding skin, while its powerful combination of bakuchiol and astaxanthin effectively reduces the appearance of dark spots and blemishes. Experience the enchanting touch of hibiscus and rose extracts, leaving your skin with a radiant, even-toned complexion and a fragrant floral bouquet.



Deep Moisturization and Microbiome Balance

Enriched with a probiotic culture, our cream fosters a thriving and balanced skin microbiome, an essential element for maintaining that coveted healthy and radiant glow. It carries a beautiful, gentle tea-like scent, derived from the soothing essences of chamomile and lemon balm. Each application offers not just skincare but a moment of pure relaxation and sensory delight.


The mystique of Dragon's Cave meets the essence of local botanical treasures

Drawing inspiration from the captivating Dragon's Cave on Brač Island, our hand cream combines the regenerative power of Dragon's Blood resin with the essence of indigenous plant extracts, creating a harmonious blend that captures the island's soul. As you apply, a symphony of scents unfolds — from the sun-kissed aromas of summer meadows to the soothing embrace of honeyed sweetness, offering an aromatherapeutic journey that calms the mind and nourishes the skin.

Embrace comfort and moisture with every application, and unveil hands that feel as legendary as the name suggests.
Discover a realm where ancient wisdom meets modern indulgence.

Happy kids, joyful hearts – where little feet bring endless smiles.

  • With a "less is more" attitude, our balm boasts a gentle touch, enriched by the calming essence of calendula flower extract. Breastfeeding friendly and filled with happiness, it's a heartwarming hug in a jar that keeps all happy kiddos smothered in nurturing care.


Pure and Gentle Care for You and Your Precious Bundle of Joy!

We recognize the significance of providing a tender touch to your baby's sensitive skin. Enriched with the soothing essence of calendula flower extract, the "Happy Kiddo" Mom & Baby Balm offers a nurturing embrace captured within a jar. Comprising only the finest hypoallergenic components, thoughtfully chosen to ensure a caring and secure experience for both you and your baby, our balm is crafted to be entirely safe for use during breastfeeding. This allows you to indulge your baby's skin with confidence and serenity.



Ljubav na prvi pogled (miris)
2020-te godine sam dobila tester "ANTI AGE" kreme i, kao neko ko voli i koristi razne dobre kreme, odmah to veče sam je probala. U trenutku kad sam je pomirisala rodila se ljubav. Ispostavilo se da osim predivnog mirisa, od koga sam postala zavisna, krema ima divnu teksturu, odlično se upija i lice mi divno izgleda kada je koristim. Kupila sam nekoliko pakovanja za sebe i neke svoje prijateljice. Rezultat je da mi je kremu pohvalila svaka od prijateljica kojima sam je poklonila i molila da im opet kupim kad budem išla na Brač. Kako idem jednom godišnje, ja kupim više komada, za sve prijateljice i dovoljno za sebe, da imam do sledečeg odlaska u Milnu.
Ana ove kreme pravi sa ljubavlju tako da je u svakoj boci, osim divnih prirodnih sastojaka i njena divna pozitivna energija pa krema ima savršeno dejstvo na kožu, koja je obnovljena, negovana i baršunasta.

Vesna S., 55 , Srbija

Ich bin wirklich begeistert von den Produkten von Fieldgood! Die Gesichtsfluids sind sehr reichhaltig - ich verwende sie jeden Morgen und Abend nach der Reinigung. Besonders "DERMA REPAIR," mein Favorit, versorgt meine Haut mit reichlich Feuchtigkeit, fühlt sich leicht an und hinterlässt kein fettiges Gefühl; es ist wirklich ein Allrounder für die tägliche Anwendung. Das "ANTI AGE" ist großartig, wenn du danach Make-up auftragen möchtest. Ich bin ein großer Fan von Fieldgood-Produkten: Sie werden professionell hergestellt, sind nachhaltig und mit viel Liebe hergestellt. Jede Behandlung verwende ich mit voller Überzeugung und einem guten Gewissen. Dank Fieldgood strahlt meine Haut, und ich fühle mich großartig!"

Johanna H., 37, Austria

I’ve always been told I have “nice skin” my whole life but never developed much of a skin care routine. Now, as my skin is maturing and after relocating to the seaside, I find tremendous value in taking care of my skin daily. I’ve had the privilege of incorporating many of Fieldgood’s products into skin care regiment for the past year. While I am not always perfect at protecting my skin from the harsh elements, I truly believe my skin has never looked better- thanks to Fieldgood! My current obsession is the "HYDRO SENSITIVE" cream. The gentle scents of chamomile and lemon are both calming and refreshing. Each use feels like a mini spa treatment while the memories evoked by the sun-tea like scent transport me to another space and time. The cream is so light and soothing, leaving my skin feeling hydrated and soft. Also, so cool that it even helps balance the skin’s microbiome! I highly recommend this cream to anyone looking to upgrade their daily skin care routine.

Lindsey A., 38 , Colorado

Ich verwende gerne das "RPC MEN" Restore and Protect Pflegeprodukt von Fieldgood jeden Tag. Da meine Haut dazu neigt, insbesondere nach der Rasur gereizt zu werden, greife ich auf diese Creme zurück. Sie beruhigt meine Haut, lässt sich leicht auftragen und hat einen angenehmen Duft. Ideal für uns Männer - ich kann das "RPC MEN" wärmstens empfehlen. Ana's Kosmetikprodukte sind großartig!

Georg H., 37, Austria

U uskoj ulićici punoj cvijeća, skrivena od pogleda nalazi se mala trgovina. Zavirih.... Dočekao me ljubazni osmijeh vlasnice koja mi je prezentirala proizvode, kreme za lice i ruke koje sama proizvodi. Kreme izrađuje od prirodnih sastojaka te sam imala osječaj da se nalazim u mirisnom polju....A kremice su izvrsne, mirisne, opuštajuće, hidratantne.... Oduševljena sam!! Fieldgood = feelgood

Kristina P., 52, Hrvatska

"HYDRO SENSITIVE" - je rešitev za mojo mastno kožo z suho (dehidrirano) povrhnjico. Kožo navlaži, vrne elastičnost in da občutek lagodja, brez da bi se dodatno mastila.

Ajda K., 36 , Slovenija

Fieldgood je definitivno jedan od najboljih dućana za kupnju krema. Nakon gotovo tri godine upotrebe, mogu to odgovorno potvrditi, nikad nisam imao priliku koristiti bolju njegu za lice!

Darko F., 60, Hrvatska

"HAPPY KIDDO" melem je nešto što uvijek morate imati pri ruci. Koristila sam ga u trudnoći kao prevencija za strije, a poslje ga je i beba nasljedila. Guza, ruke, lice, sve njeguje i pazi, posebica kada zapuše bura. Kada se pakiram za put, spremim "HAPPY KIDDO" melem i znam da imam sve! A dok dijete oboji pakiranje melema, vi stignete i kavu u miru popit! Nježna njega za cijelu obitelj!

Antonia R., 31, Hrvatska

I love Fieldgood...high quality, natural ingredients and made with love for women staying young forever! Thank you Ana!

Karolyn K., 45, Switzerland

Fieldgood proizvode počela sam koristiti prije 2 godine i totalno sam oduševljena kremama, od strukture kreme preko učinka do mirisa koji me odvede na prekrasan otok Brač. Hvala ti Ana na prekrasnim i kvalitetnim proizvodima.

Karla B., 43, Hrvatska

Navdušena sem nad kremami Fieldgood za obraz. Koža pod njimi diha in se ne masti. Vesela sem, ker sem v spoznala Ano in si ogledala njen krasen laboratorij v Milni, kjer izdeluje lahke naravne kremice. Sicer težko najdem kremo za mojo občutjivo kožo, Fieldgood "PINK BOUQUET"in "HYDRO SENSITIVE" pa me ne pečeta niti, če mi prideta v oči. Zlahko se odstranita z vodo.

Eva S.P., 57, Slovenija

Brez Anine kreme si več ne predstavljam mojega vsakdana. To je bila ljubezen na prvi dotik, vonj in občutek na koži. Zdaj je že odvisnost, saj moj obraz vsak dan zahteva nego s kremo, ki je nežna, dišeča, ki kožo ne masti, jo ravno prav navlaži, je narejena s skrbno izbranimi sestavinami in predvsem z Anino ljubeznijo. Občutek imam, da jo Ana naredi prav zame.

Bojana M., 53, Slovenija

Ho conosciuto casualmente i prodotti Fieldgood qualche anno fa. Personalmente, la crema "DERMA REPAIR" è quella che mi si adatta meglio, soprattutto in inverno. Dopo aver trascorso molti anni al mare, la mia pelle è diventata sensibile e spesso si formano piccole ferite. "DERMA REPAIR" mi ha aiutato a evitare che queste ferite si aprissero e adesso praticamente non ne ho più, e il mio viso ha un aspetto fresco, il che non è affatto facile alla mia età!
Attualmente sto usando la nuova crema "PINK BOUQUET" ed è eccellente, dopo l'estate il mio viso sembra "levigato"!
Ho provato anche la crema per le mani "DRAGONS BLOOD", spesso sottovalutiamo le creme per le mani, ma una buona crema deve agire per ore per far apparire le mani belle.

Ariliana Ž. A., 71, Italia